License conditions

Important !!!

We are pleased to offer you this uncomplicated access to a 2-user/20000-tuple version of our relational DBMS db++ for Linux and Windows for your personal use at one installation. db++ was always the "DBMS with the flavour of Linux/Unix and C" - the integration of perl, Tcl and Java (see dbperl and dbtcl/dbwish in the manual pages/documentation) builds on this tradition. Nevertheless we draw your attention also to the multiplatform versions which are now available - in particular the MS-Windows version which can also be downloaded from this Archiv Server. Since the 2-User/20000-Tuple is free of charge, you will appreciate that we can neither offer any guarantee nor supply you with any hotline service for the use of the software.

If you wish to evaluate db++ for a platform not available on this service or require a newer version for Sun Solaris, HP-UX,etc., then you can contact us directly by the following address.

Concept asa GmbH
Obere Pforte 1
D-35428 Langgöns
Tel: ++49 (0)700 777977-71, Fax: -99

If the 2-user/20000 tuple version is adequate for your needs but you plan to use it either in-house in several installations or to distribute this version as an embedded solution to different customers, then if desired we can offer you this for the price of 25 Euro excluding VAT per installation. Contact us for more information.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information, e.g. about our ODBC-Interface for db++ or the retrieval system CITAT/X we developped on the basis of db++. CITAT/X can manage related documents such as parlamentary procedures (objects) as well  as single documents.

If you prefer printed documentation instead of the PostScript files let us know. We will send you the actual price list.